What does it mean when someone driving that car?

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Cars are very necessary for many of us and we rely on them without question. We are so intimately tied to them t hat in dreams we use them as a common symbol for how we are getting along in life.

They show the overall manner in which we are operating and the feelings associated with our current happenings. Here are some good questions to ask yourself about this type of common dreams:

    • Who is driving? If you are at the wheel, it shows that you feel you are in charge of your own life at that time. If someone else is driving, pay attention to who that person is. Are you being influenced by that particular person in some way? Or perhaps it is a particular aspect this person represents that is governing you.
    • What is happening with the car? Are you gliding along serenely from point A to point B, or is the car being driven recklessly in a haphazard pattern? If you experience a spin out or a crash, this is a sure indicator of strong emotion that you need to be aware of. Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed about something, or know on some level that mistakes are being made somewhere that need to be corrected.
  • Pay attention to the type of car and its condition…Generic? Fancy? A Beater? Does the color have some significance? The physical characteristics may give you clues as to what you believe about your current situation.

As always, record your emotions and reactions from the dream as they are important reminders of how you really feel. You can’t lie to yourself in your dreams!

What does it mean when someone driving that car?