Why and How Taking a Career Values Tests Online is an Essential Part of Your Career Planning

Understanding your career values priorities and taking one of the career values tests online is arguably one of the most important career test or career assessment activities you can do.

Because our career satisfaction is inextricably linked with our values – the things we hold most dear to our heart. An example is probably the best way to illustrate this idea.

Margie is 38 years old. She has two young children and is recently separated. She has been out of the work-force since having children and does not want to return to her pre-children career when she was a recruitment specialist. She loved the work, and was very good at it. She loved the buzz of filling vacancies but her life has changed and so have her career values and priorites. Flexiblity of hours and earning sufficient income to support herself and her children have become her top life and career values. Of course, these two career values are not always compatible and Margie discovered it was very difficult to find a workable solution to her dilemma. She could return to recruitment work realitively easily and she’s earn a good income. But it would give her no flexibility. Instead she decided to do some career planning and look for other career ideas. She had always an creative interest and through her career planning identified a clear interest in writing and journalism. She decided to return to Study and take a journalism course which would allow her the flexibility of freelance journalism. While studying she also came into contact with photography students and she became increasingly interested in adding photography to her career portfolio. Of course it wasn’t easy. She had to work part-time in a café to make ends meet, but she slowly worked on making contacts and eventually graduated and got a part-time journalism job with a local paper while also setting herself up as a freelance photographer. Now she has both income and flexibility.

In her words – a perfect career! And she created it herself.

Of course this is only one example. But there are many more. You only have to look around you at the people you know and you’d probably be able to see how their values have impacted their career decisions.

Think of your own life. What are your work values now? How have they changed and how have your priorities shifted as your life circumstances have changed? Think about the reasons you made the career shifts you did. How did your career values impact on your decision?
Why and How Taking a Career Values Tests Online is an Essential Part of Your Career Planning

Many years ago, nobody worried much about values. It was all about what we could do and how smart we were. I quite like the symbolic interpretation about how career thinking has changed.

First it was about our HANDS (what we could do),

Then it became about your HEADS (how we could think),

And now it is about our HEARTS (and what we most value).

It’s a simple but very potent analogy.