Why are the gas RC planes number 1?

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Through the years, gas RC planes , sometimes called Nitro because of the type of fuel mixture that they burn, have always been the most popular type of rc airplanes. New technology has made the engines easier to start as well as smoother running and longer lasting.

They are also available as RTF or ARF rc airplanes and you can buy gas rc planes as combos so that all of the major components that you need are included in the package. Airplane, engine, radio, receiver, battery pack, servos and in at least one case, even simulator software and cable to connect the radio to the computer are included and installed.

People tend to gravitate toward gas rc planes because they are more like the real thing. Typically they have a two stroke gas or glow engine which is less expensive but makes more noise as well as more power for the same displacement as its sibling the four stroke gas engine.

The four stroke gas engine for a gas rc plane is slightly less powerful than a two stroke of the same size and a little more expensive, but provides more torque to turn bigger props and uses less fuel.

A Note About Engine Size

In the U.S., engine displacements are usually measured in cubic inches. When it comes to an rc engine, you’ll usually hear them referred to as 20, 40 or 60 size engines, etc.. What this actually means is, for example, a size 60 engine = 10 cc or .61 cubic inches.

When you buy a model or kit of a gas rc plane that does not come with the engine included, it will always specify the range of engine sizes you can use. For example; Eng: .60-.65 2-stroke or .80 4-stroke.  The most popular sizes are 20 (.20 to .36 engine), 40 (.40 to .53 engine) and 60 (.60 to .75 engine). There are a lot of other sizes available as well that range from little .049 models up to true giant scale models.

Why are the gas RC planes number 1?

There are two models that I would recommend if you want to start with gas power. One is the Thunder Tiger RTF Easy Trainer 40. It comes with just a few minutes of assembly required, the engine and all of the on board electronics pre-installed and a 4 channel radio. The few accessories that you’ll need can be purchased as a pack when you order your plane so the only other thing that you should need is fuel.

The other is the T-34 Mentor by Hanger 9. This one is not a trainer, but if you’re not a complete beginner, it will be an awesome RC airplane to fly.

I don’t usually recommend planes unless they come complete and this one doesn’t. You’d still need to get the engine and a few other items separately, but RCModels offers the rest of the stuff in a package.

This one is worth the trouble.

These are easy flying rc planes and will keep you entertained for years.