Why are they called classic custom handmade shoes?

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Because whatever the changes in fashion these Men’s designs will always look smart and never appear dated. They are traditionally handmade and tend to be more expensive as a result – but will last a lifetime if properly cared for.

Among the most popular classic designs for men are:

  • The Oxford – either as a full brogue [where the Pattern of holes is made on the toecap and sides of the shoe] or a semi brogue [where the Pattern doesnt appear on the toecap or sides]. Oxford designs are where the tongue of the shoe is a separate piece of leather. ‘Inside the Uppers’.They are very popular in the UK and Europe and are usually worn with a suit.
  • Loafers. These are a more formal version of Moccassins and are very popular in North America. They are worn more with Blazers and Slacks than suits. The loafer is a slip on shoe.
  • Gibsons – the Gibson design is where the tongue of the shoe is actually part of the upper. If you pushed the tongue down you could fit your hand underneath the laces and into ‘The open air.’Gibson and Oxford designs are both lace up shoes.
  • Moccassins were the footware of the native American Indian and are today worn as a comfort classic both outdoors and in the home as slippers.

Why are they called classic custom handmade shoes?

Custom handmade shoes are worth the extra you will pay for them both for the exclusivity and sheer quality


  • Rotate the wearing of your shoes – wear them every other day if you can. This prevents the build up of moisture
  • Use cedar shoe trees. They help with the moisture problem and also allow the shoes to retain their shape
  • If you have hot feet and there has been a build up of moisture the chances are that there will be an odor problem. The warm moist atmosphere is perfect for the bad odor bugs! Put baking soda in the shoes overnight and completely remove in the morning. This should solve the problem.