Why Are Treadmill Workouts The Ideal Workouts?

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Isn’t a workout just a numbers game? Isn’t it just a case of whatever you do doesn’t matter, it’s just the number of calories you burn? Well no, not necessarily. Treadmill workouts are the ideal workouts for a number of reasons.

People exercise for different reasons, so it’s difficult to generalise for everybody, however as a general rule treadmill workouts make for great workouts because of the nature of the exercise provided by a treadmill.

The ideal treadmill workout works a large range of the muscles in the body. On top of that a treadmill workout for runners or for that matter a treadmill workout for walkers is a great way to burn calories, for the same reason.

According to a study done by the Medical College of Wisconsin and the VA Medical Center in Milwaukee a treadmill burns more calories than a similar workout on a stair machine, a stationary bike or a rowing machine over the same time. Surprisingly it also burns more calories than a cross country skiing machine. As cross country skiing is often touted as the ideal workout this says heaps about a treadmill workout.

Why Are Treadmill Workouts The Ideal Workouts?

So a good workout is a treadmill workout. Calories burn fast and a wide range of the muscles in the body are working hard. This study is confirmed by a number of other studies which all confirm the treadmill as the best cardiovascular workout.