Why Choose Lamb Meat?


Gourmet Lamb: like bovines, ovines are divided in two major categories: lambs and adults.


Truelamb, like the one consumed in Italy during Easter time, does not exceed 22 pounds of live weight and must have been fed with milk exclusively. The slaughter of such young animals only survives in the contexts of traditional breeding and it is, therefore, rather hard to find. These young animals have a very good and delicate flavor. Even their small intestine, called “paiata” in Italy, when consumed very fresh, is a true delight.


Larger animals.


Meats from older ovines are also highly appreciable. The classic lamb has not been raised on a milk-only diet and can reach 35 pounds of live weight. It is often between 8 and 10 weeks of age. If produced under good breeding conditions, the fragrance of its meat assumes an unforgettable odor. Particularly good are animals fattened on pastures close to the ocean. Nowadays, unfortunately, this breeding is more influenced by dietary and economic factors.


Adult ovines.


Adult ovine are subdivided into several categories: adult lambs, animals of approximately 10 months that can reach a live weight of 140 pounds; castrated animals, slaughtered at approximately 18 months; and the sheep, an adult animal that has given birth several times. Adult ovines such as castrated and sheep have a lower gastronomic value, their meat must be stewed for long time or, better, must be aged for longer period of time. Castrated and sheep meat must be aged for 25 days at zero degrees centigrade, after this treatment chops and legs can be grilled or sautéed in a frying pan with good results.

Why Choose Lamb Meat?


Meat must always remain pink inside, or it will harden. Tripes from these animals are excellent, but difficult to find. This is quite a pity because they have a particular taste that finds its maximum expression coupled with crustaceans. The so-called sweetbreads are in truth the thymus, a lymphatic tissue present only in young animals because it exhausts its function and disappears after about one year. Sweetbreads have an elongated shape, the heart of which is rounded and an excellent gourmet food. They are employed in the classic cuisine in numerous and complicated preparations.