Why Diets Do Not Work?

Diets don’t work because they make our bodies more efficient in saving and storing fat. They slow us down. They make us hungry and they make us fatter!.

We are in a constant battle of ups and downs. We gain it and we lose it and regain it. We keep looking for a quick and easy fix or solution once and forever.

Our body is very complex. We have natural set requirements for every bodily function. We have a normal temperature setting. We have a set requirement for sleep and we have a setting for the amount of food necessary to stay alive. Our body reacts to changes as a threat to our life.

Our bodies require a set number of calories to support bodily functions to live. The minimum calories for mid-life women are 1200 and for others it is set at 1600 calories. Our body views any changes from this as starvation and responds to preserve our life.

One way to protect life is by slowing down. Our body acts as though there is a famine and conserves our energy.

An excellent example is expectant mothers. If they are underfed their bodies divert food to their unborn babies. Then in turn they become listless and sluggish to conserve enough nutrients to survive. The unborn child gets what it needs because the mother’s metabolism decreases.

Why Diets Do Not Work?

When we starve ourselves, by limiting our food intake, our body responds by decreasing our metabolism so we will survive. Basically, we slow down until we need fewer calories to maintain our life functions.

Some habitual dieters require only 700 calories per day to survive. Meaning, if they consume more calories they will gain weight.

Thus, you have diet failure.

Every time we yo-yo, by going on a reducing our calorie intake, weight loss becomes slower and weight gain becomes faster.

Worse yet, when we regain the weight we don’t regain muscle and bone, we gain FAT.

The average dieter gains back 105% of lost fat within a year. We become fatter.

Even with decreased metabolism and increased efficiency of food use, most limited food intake guides still don’t give us enough calories to live on. Therefore our body has to cannibalize our muscle and vital organs just to support our bodily functions, breathing, walking, thinking, circulation, heart beat to mention a few.

This is how quick weight loss diets get us to lose “weight” so fast. Much of the weight we’re losing is muscle, vital organs, bone and water  but very little fat.

A quick example would be – - Begin eating 2500 calories per  day – - your metabolism adjust to 2500 calories per day – - starve yourself on 1000 calories per day – - – your metabolism adjust to 1000 calories per day – - – you lose muscle mass, at first. Then when your body adjust to 1000 calories per day you will have to starve yourself on 700 or 800 calories per day and lose more muscle mass to lose more weight. That is why starvation diets fail.

Any reduction in calorie intake is a starvation diet.

Our bodies are designed to protect our lives. We are not only sometimes starved for calories. We are deprived of some of our favorite foods.