Why Do We Fish?

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Women will say it is a man thing, but when it comes right down to it, they enjoy fishing as much as we do. Whether it is just for the sun or that they actually like to catch fish, it all boils down to spending peaceful time together. This is a time when everything goes away except having fun. Let me tell you brother, if you ain’t fishing with your wife, girlfriend, child, etc. you ain’t having fun.

This is the kind of fishing that will be with you for the rest of your life. Just knowing you were there to see that first fish being caught or the biggest fish they have ever caught will be one of the greatest moments of your life.

My wife loves to fish with me but she has her moments. It can’t be cold, hot, windy, cloudy, or just to many people out there. “You know I have to take a shower, blow dry my hair, put on makeup”, etc. – by the time you get them in the boat it will be time to go home. I have a wife, three girls, and a boy. The girls are grown and have lives of their own, but when daddy says “hey lets go fishing” they rise to the challenge.

My youngest is fourteen and thinks MY SPACE is the only thing happening in her life. She does not like boats but she will fish off the bank. So as much as possible I will take her crappie fishing or brim fishing. It is quality time, since one on one at my house is nearly impossible. Fishing is a great time to catch up on what is going on in her life.

My twenty year old stays busy all the time helping everyone but herself, so she is the most difficult. She loves to fish but never has time for daddy. But the time we share in the boat is great for what ever ails us. She also has a nice boyfriend that loves to fish and hunt so all I have to do is tell Nick “lets go fishing” and she is there.

Why Do We Fish?

Now for my oldest girl, she is twenty-three and a total freak about fishing and hunting. If she is off from her job it is time to go. I could call her at four in the morning and say “lets go”; she would be there in five minutes, and she lives thirty miles away! This girl will make a great wife one day if someone can meet her standards for being a great husband. Which means you have to fish and hunt at least once a week. So as it stands we make great buddies.

Now for my son, he is twenty-five and is one of the best fishermen I have ever fished with. He has a talent to be the best he can be, and always excels at everything he does. The only problem with him is he is lazy and don’t want to get out of bed. So I wait til later to take him fishing, so he won’t be so ill.

These are great times filled with memories regardless of what it takes. My wife on the other hand is always ready to go because she doesn’t want me to fish alone. She makes a great partner; ready for every opportunity to spend time with me. We have been married thirty years, fishing together the whole time, which is responsible for at least two of our kids. Hey, what can I say; it gets boring sometimes. I fish tournaments with Ed Majors and friends, which I enjoy very much. But fishing with your family is the best thing going on in this world. Not only are you passing down the heritage, you will also be a better person for it.

Family and friends are all you are in life. Money does not mean crap, if you don’t have anyone to spend it on. I fished all my life with my dad. He has passed away, bless his heart, but he taught me the value of fishing with my family and friends. So let me tell you this is why we fish. It’s not for the competition and not for bragging rights of who is the best fisherman in the state; it is for company and togetherness and don’t forget this. Because when you do, you have given up on a great American heritage – FAMILY , FRIENDS, AND FREEDOM.