Why do you crave the foods you can’t eat?

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I craved high-cal foods like butter and sugar, but never allowed myself to eat them. I always tried to substitute low-calorie foods, and as a result, I was constantly hungry, because I never felt satisfied by the foods I ate.

I went from starving to stuffed, without really enjoying food, or my life for that matter. I was obsessed with what I could and could not eat, feeling fat and becoming more and more miserable.

I discovered the missing link to achieving my ideal body weight. And what I found was that it did not have anything to do with what I was or wasn’t eating.

When I started to change my thinking to “I CAN have it, but I don’t want it”, instead of “I can’t have it”, my dissatisfaction with my body began to melt away along with the extra weight that I had been carrying for so long.

I discovered a new energy for living, and was not hungry all the time. I did not crave “forbidden foods,” and for the first time in years, I did not obsess about food and my weight constantly.

I reached my ideal weight and have maintained it for more than 20 years. I feel great – inspired, enthusiastic and energized, and I’m not dieting!

Why do you crave the foods you cant eat?

I know with absolute certainty, that if you apply these techniques, you will improve the quality of your life and your relationship to food. Once you learn the secrets, you will drop pounds effortlessly, and the pounds will stay off!