Why every woman needs fabulous handbags!

Yeah, yeah, yeah – I know, this should be about the fabulous shoes, not the fabulous handbags. Except that I have a problem with shoes. Or rather, my feet have a problem with shoes. You see, when I was pregnant with my first dear child, my feet grew a number bigger. No, no, I’m no freak – it’s normal! My friend Katherine was thrilled when the same happened to her and she suddenly could go from a size 35 to a size 36.

Going from size 41 to size 42 is nothing to be thrilled about. It’s something to cry about. Especially when you, like I do, live in a Greek village, on the edge of the world. Imagine shopping for shoes for your own wedding and all they can come up with in the shops are jogging shoes!   (Ok, here is where you smart internet shoe shop entrepreneur-girl hurry and mail me the link to the web shop with smart, stylish sexy shoes in big sizes – and I’ll be happy to put it on the site – especially if you give me a discount!:)).

Why every woman needs fabulous handbags!          Why every woman needs fabulous handbags!

Well, I am not the kind of woman to be let down by things I can’t change. Whether it’s the giant jerk or the freaky-sized feet. I do what every sensible person who wants a fabulous live do: I develop a substitute passion! So here’s how I got passionate with fabulous handbags instead!It’s like with the shoes. You just can’t stop. It becomes an addiction. There simply are too many fabulous handbags out there. For any occasion, for any outfit. If you got ten trousers in your cupboard you can easily justify a need for at least ten handbags. Think how many you’d need only to match your jeans with black shoes.

Not to mention how many you’d need to match your jeans with jogging shoes. Or with high heeled red shoes. And the most important factor: How many fabulous handbags will you need to match all your moods! And there’s another thing with handbags:  They are decorative. A pair of shoes that you for some reason don’t wear (too high heels, too tight, too big, too whatever-made-them-be-put-on-sale-for-half-the-prize) will have to be thrown into the deep of your closet (you don’t want to be reminded of the shopping mistake and you definitely don’t want your husband or boyfriend to remind you of that shopping mistake!). A handbag you don’t wear can be used to decorate the house!

Why every woman needs fabulous handbags!

I use a red sequined velvet one in the feng shui money corner of my office to keep coins and attract prosperity. I have a sexy little black thing hanging on a bed poster to bring some sex into the bedroom. And I have this fabulous Indian style soft leather handbag with fringes hanging over a dining room chair, as it perfectly matches the style of my room. Imagine doing that with those thigh-length black plastic boots you paid more than a fortune for just because you thought they’d make you look fabulous, not fat! Fabulous handbags are never a waste of money!