Why Forgiveness Is the Key To Inner Peace

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Sometimes you need to forgive or ask for forgiveness from a person that is dead.

I may often witness, in my Psychic Healing work, that dead relatives, who have hurt you in any way while living, come to ask for forgiveness.

Dead persons may be stuck as well, not being able to move forward in their spiritual path. This is often the case if they have hurt someone in their earthly life.

It is essential for their spiritual development, as well as your own healing, that you offer this kind of forgiveness.

This is also the case when a near and dear person has committed suicide. He or she did not mean to hurt anyone, but by killing themselves they do. These people realize, too late, that people have been wounded by their suicidal death.

It does not matter what this person have done to hurt you! You need to reach out your arms and forgive in order to help him or her and yourself.

Why Forgiveness Is the Key To Inner Peace

You need to let go and to become free!

Lack of forgiveness is the Number One block that hinders you from reaching goals and living a prosperous life.

You may not be aware of the limitations or the need of this, but when you start doing this towards all and everyone beyond your own awareness, life really starts to shift.