Why I Love Bass Fishing…

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When thinking about why I love bass fishing so much, I first started to look at what bass fishing offers that I didn’t get from other sports.

Bass fishing has grown to become America’s #1 freshwater sport. People love bass fishing! Type “bass fishing” into any internet search engine and you get hundreds of thousands to millions of results. I recently searched Google and got 2,360,000 results on bass clubs, guides, tournaments, baits, bass boats and equipment, and bass fishing information sites just like this one! You see references to bass fishing on TV commercials, in grocery stores, at hardware stores, even at other sporting events.

ESPN and other channels have programs every day devoted to nothing but bass fishing. It has become a worldwide phenomenon! Just look at the influx of bass fishing professionals from Japan and other countries. Don’t think for a minute they don’t love bass fishing!

But what is it that makes bass fishing popular with so many people; no matter what the age, gender, or cultural background?

Well, I think it is because it is an outdoor sport available to just about anyone who is willing to spend the time and effort to learn the basics. And if they dedicate themselves completely to the sport, anyone can compete equally at a competitive level – even at a professional level. With any other type of sport such as football, soccer, basketball, tennis, etc. you have to be a top athlete and prove extraordinary abilities to become a successful pro.

Why I Love Bass Fishing...

With bass fishing it’s quite different. Yes, with more time spent on the water, more practice, and more learning the “How-To’s” of bass fishing, you can’t help but be more successful at catching bass, especially if you have someone to teach you patterns, conditions, presentations, techniques, colors, proper equipment, etc. There is a lot to learn when it comes to competitive bass fishing. But if you want to become serious about it you can compete on a pro level.

One of the best things about bass fishing is that it builds closer relationships and bonding with loved ones.

I’ve noticed that when husband and wife couples fish together, the time spent together on the water is priceless. The excitement of catching bass, and the laughs and enjoyment they share, make them realize that “they should have done this years ago”! I have seen the same with father and sons, mother and daughters, father and daughters, mother and sons, boyfriends and girlfriends, brothers and brothers, sisters and sisters and just good friends. It is truly an outdoor sport that literally just about anybody would enjoy.

I especially enjoy the time spent with my wife when we have a chance to get out on the water for a few hours of bass fishing, and guess what, she often beats me!

More and more ladies each year are starting to learn how to fish. Well, why not? It’s a sport that’s been enjoyed for many years by mostly the guys, and now that the women are getting a taste of it, they love bass fishing just as much as the guys do.

Kids seem to go nuts over the sport of bass fishing even more so than adults! They love bass fishing with anyone they can get to go. Just seeing the expressions on their faces when they catch a bass is worth it all! Boys and girls all over the nation are wanting to know more and more about how to fish for bass, where they can go to learn, or who might be able teach them. The age of most of these boys and girls is anywhere from 12 years to 18 years old, as well as many college students. What better way to get closer to your children than by spending quality time together outdoors having fun? It also allows them to focus on something more than parties and getting into trouble.

Bass fishing for me is a chance to get out on the water and enjoy the great outdoors.

Sometimes it is to just relax and maybe catch a bass or two. Sometimes it is to be competitive while fishing a tournament. But it is ALWAYS about building relationships! This is what I truly love about the sport of bass fishing. Try if for yourself with a family member, a friend or a kid in need of a little direction. It will change your life – and theirs!