Why I Love Running In The Rain?

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There’s something fabulous about running in the rain! I believe what’s the kick for most runners (at least for me) is that feeling of being totally alone with the road. And when it rains it’s even more so.

OK, I live in Greece and I must admit running in the rain is not something I do frequently. So maybe that’s why it becomes even more special! When I wake up on a “running” morning from the sound of rain hitting the corrugated iron roof of the shelter outside my bedroom and have the fabulous fresh smell of rain filling the room through the balcony door this excited butterfly feeling fills my stomach. I’m so restless I can hardly wait to get going and hurry on making breakfast for the kids and send them off to school.

I usually run along the beach, a place where there always are dog walkers, an occasional other runner and other early morning birds getting some fresh air before their day start. But when it rains I’m alone.

Why I Love Running In The Rain?

I’ll tie the hood of my thin rain jacket close around my face not to let the rain in. Now the rain makes the same tip-tap sound on my rain jacket hood as it did on that roof earlier..It blocks out all other sounds and creates a feeling of being all alone with the rain. It doesn’t take long before I push the hood back. This opens up for new sounds – the splash of my feet through the wet sand on the track road, the who-oum of the waves as they hit the beach. Soon the rain is running down my neck and by the time I’ve done my round of 45 minutes I’m soaking wet. So it doesn’t matter if I run a little bit longer!

I get back home with a huge sense of satisfaction and real high on endorphines! Funny, it’s even like I’ve achieved something extra-ordinary. Fabulous!