Why inner consistency is important?

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Inner consistency means there is no conflicts in your beliefs. Without consistency it is like a tug of war, or like a drunkard who walks 3 steps forward then 2 steps backward, it is hardly for him to proceed. Those conflicts make you hard to decide, or even confuse you.

An example is about money. If you want to be rich but also think rich people are greedy and filthy, It is an inconsistency. When you have gathered some money, another voice in your mind whisper to you that you are greedy.

That’s a battle inside you. These conflicts may waste your time and energy.

To change your faith you need to change its reference first. In the money example, if most of your references indicate that rich people are evil, you will tend to believe that.

But there are rich people who are also philanthropists and kind, and not all poor people are nice guys. Money can be used for good or bad, it depends on people who use it.

Why inner consistency is important?

It is not about a belief is absolutely right or wrong, it’s about how you will be affected by your beliefs.

When your beliefs, your goals and strategies are aligned, you can truly move forward.