Why it’s important to know yourself?

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Self assessment is a lifelong process by which you learn more about yourself. It involves taking an inventory of your likes,dislikes,personal characteristics,values,wants and needs. It is all about what you like,what you don’t like and how you tend to react to certain situations. All human beings are involved,either consciously or subconsciously,in an ongoing process of self evaluation. Knowing these things can help you determine which occupations and work situations could be right for you. It can also deal with the times when your life isn’t going so well and you need to take a look at yourself. A good hard look at yourself and find out what you might be doing wrong that cause you such pain. In my case I discovered I was an alcoholic and had to admit that to myself that I was. It Seems that everyone around me knew it but me, I knew I drank a lot, but I couldn’t be one of them, could I? Yes I am, one of them. Why its important to know yourself?

This inventory is the process of knowing you. Now most people would say yes,I know myself,I’m the best person around. How much of that is really true? I always tried to project myself as a person that had it all going right for me and I was handling my stuff well. Truth is I was quite a mess. I’m not going to go into the whole story. My point is that I really never was honest with myself. That’s when I had to take an honest look at me by doing a self assessment.The folks out there that are friends of Bill W, know what I am talking about.

Self assessments can be a powerful learning tool. It is the cornerstone in maximizing the limited time you have to spend in learning by helping your focus on your individual needs. Knowing what you need to work on and sorting out all the other non essential or bad stuff is what it’s all about. Sometimes it comes about because we participate in a group that provides the context for periodic assessment. While it might be easy to list others’ strong and weak points,when it comes to you,it is not so simple. As I often say,asking for help is not a weakness.

Why its important to know yourself?

Understanding yourself is a generous act that can help you become a kinder person,more willing to serve others,less angry,more harmonious. By reducing the grip of regrets and other self involved emotions from the past,you become lifted out of your own worries and as a result more caring toward others. You owe it to yourself to be the person you always wanted to be.

The well-known program that I am involved with that helps other alcoholics and drug dependent people like me,suggest believing in a power greater than yourself. In my own life this has helped me tremendously. My self assessment saved my life!I have a lot of gratitude these days and I’m glad that I am alive today. Life Is! Why its important to know yourself?