Why riders are calling Morrow the board of the century?

Morrow snowboards is a small manufacturer which seems to have a limited availability of stock. Even though Morrow may not be producing as many boards as other manufacturers, riders are saying big things about them. Let’s take a look and see what boarders with 4+ years experience are saying about Morrow.

Morrow Escape snowboard riders say their ride is stable and controlled. The board can perform a carve smoothly because it has just the right amount of tail and tip forgiveness.

Morrow snowboards even the bigger ones are lighter in the tips and tails due to Morrows innovative all composite construction. The amount of pop has been toned down, which makes the ride calmer and easier.

The Morrow Blaze is a freeride snowboard that is as at home in powder as it is taking the really big hits. Riders say the same technology used in the lithium boards has been applied to the blaze boards, resulting in an ultra light, incredibly smooth, super fast board.

Morrow snowboards have new core designs. Instead of using a wood core they use a torsion box construction making the board lighter. Riders experience alot of energy cruising the blaze. It has the pop and energy to be in the pipe all day.

Why riders are calling Morrow the board of the century?

Conservatives are drawn to the blaze, it does not have any techie enbossed graphics on it. It comes in solid colors, and looks like a snowboard.

If you want to get aggressive with your morrow snowboards on the slopes, then the morrow designed by Todd Richards (gold-medalist) is what you want to ride.

Riders feel the Morrow TR is a great board for a novice freestyler. They feel confident doing tricks, jumps, and spins. Its response is excellent in all conditions. The board is very stiff but stable and has superior lift off. The look of the board is intense if you want to intimidate your competition.

Morrow snowboards may not have a large quantity of boards but they sure have the quality you want while riding down the slopes.