Why Roxanne Believes Every Woman Needs Sexy Lingerie?

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Hello, my name is Roxanne and I am honored that you are here to spend a little time with me. I hope you find what you are looking for on this site. There are a few things that I feel every woman needs to do for herself on a daily basis.

Thinking Sexy.I believe thinking of yourself as sexy is the first step to appearing sexy to your lover.

Sensual Attitude. The right attitude can make you sexy even when you doubt yourself. If you have that smoldering look of desire in your eyes and actions, he will notice.

A Little Wild I think there is a little bit of the wild side in all of us. I don’t mean the drinking partying kind of wild, I mean the free spirit wild side. so girls, dig deep and we will see what we come up with together to bring out the woman inside of you that he won’t be able to resist.

You know that feeling you get when when you are dressed up, your hair just the way you like it, clothes feel like they are fitting perfectly and your makeup is just right? Feels good doesn’t it? Well, lingerie has the same effect on our self image. Put on a sexy piece of lingerie and suddenly you become a seductress!

Before I go any further I guess I should tell you a little about me. I love adventure and like things to be extraordinary not ordinary. I have traveled to all but two of these beautiful United States and hope to see those soon. I have traveled from Mexico to Egypt, Italy and more. I have seen what is considered sexy in several different cultures, including our own and believe me, it is so varied that the only thing in common is the women’s attitudes. Something I think we forget to do after we start dating is making eye contact. Make sure to look your lover in the eyes and flirt with him just like you did when you first met. Make sure to flirt a little every day. I want my lover to think of his time with me as the best time of his life, don’t you?

Why Roxanne Believes Every Woman Needs Sexy Lingerie?

I used to specialize in romantic birthday and anniversary gifts. I actually owned a custom furniture store that carried one-of-a-kind handmade furniture and unusual gift items from candles to bronzes. Some of my male clients would ask what I would suggest for a special romantic gift and I would tell them what I would like if it was me. Of course, what I wanted most of the time didn’t involve anything from my store except candles and holders. Thus began the Romance Packages. My clients were mostly husbands or boyfriends that wanted to give a gift that she would remember for the rest of her life. They wanted something unique. Depending upon their budget, I would figure out what we could do. Sometimes it was a quick Getaway near home and other times it was overseas. Sometimes it was even in their own home!

The one thing that set the gifts apart was the fact that everything was taken care of. All they had to do was bring their lady. Some would pick there wives or girlfriends up from work and tell them they were going out to dinner. It was my responsibility to make sure everything was taken care of! The room was ready with flowers tied on the door, a fresh flower petal path from the door into the bedroom, a piece of lingerie of the mans choice laid out on the bed with more flower petals and chocolate kisses. Dinner ordered to be delivered just before they arrived, wine chilling, music playing softly with her favorite songs, flowers on the table, massage oils and chocolates in the bedroom, strawberries and whip cream on ice next to the tub. The bath was ready to be filled, milk bath poured and fresh rose petals scattered around the tub with more to float on the water, candles all around to set the mood. All he had to do was start the bath water and light the candles. He would tell me what her favorite breakfast was and how she liked her coffee or tea and I would have everything ready for him to make her breakfast the next morning. Everything was hers to take home, the candles, holders, lingerie, candy, massage lotion, music and flowers. I can still do gift packages like this, but, only locally because I have to oversee everything myself.

The good news is this, YOU can do this for your own getaway. We have everything here on this site to help you plan everything. If you need help, please ask. I love giving suggestions based on your likes or dislikes. Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend a fortune to make it a getaway to remember. Of course, if you have a fortune to spend I can give you some great ideas for an amazing getaway too.

I wish for you only the sexiest of getaways together!

Roxanne DeLillo