Why Taking Action Is So Important?

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There is no success in not taking action. Instead, there is only failure. But taking action is sometimes the most difficult thing to do.

Why? Well, I believe it’s because you are in a “comfort zone” where you are. Even though your current circumstances may not be what you want, it is familiar to you and therefore non-threatening.

Besides, taking action often means that you will experience failure. You’ll make mistakes and suffer setbacks.

But what successful person reached their destination without some mistakes and failure? I know of no one, do you? Who hasn’t tried and re-tried many times until success was achieved?

But how to maintain the belief that success is waiting? I believe that you must program your mind to be prepared to accept your success when it comes. Frankly, unless you are prepared to accept success, it will always remain out of reach.

In this great manual, Leroy talks about the mind and how important it is to watch your thoughts as you strive for success. You’ll learn about how the paradigms you hold can either make or break your success-and how to change them.

Why Taking Action Is So Important?

Finally, as the holiday season approaches, there is a great temptation to put off taking action. The reasons/excuses are plentiful this time of year. But I want to suggest that you not fall into that trap. Leave that for the rest of the people. Winners are taking action all the time, not just when it’s convenient for them.