Why to build your self esteem?

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Building self esteem will empower you in many ways.

Do you see yourself in a negative light? Do you put yourself down on a regular basis? Do certain circumstances make you feel inferior?

Turn these negative thoughts and feelings around and you will change your reality.

Remember the last time you really did something you were proud of? You felt great about yourself. Everyone felt great about you. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel that way the majority of the time?

You can and should feel high self esteem the majority of the time. Self esteem is the quality of being proud of who you are and being responsible for your actions. These qualities are inherent in everyone.

As children, we possess an innocent pride and love for ourselves. That pride and self love soon gets trampled by the hierarchy in our lives. Parents, siblings, peers, teachers, society and religion labels us with negative attributes. As children we lack the processing mechanism needed to sift through the “you are” and “you aren’t.”

As adults, we usually have to start building self esteem all over again.

There comes a point in our lives when we are forced to go through this process. We are burdened with stress, guilt, self loathing, boredom and depression. We go to the doctor and given a prescription for an antidepressant. What we really need is introspection and development of ourselves. The lasting prescription for depression and low self esteem is found internally not in a pill.

How To Build Self Esteem

Feeling the need to boost self esteem begins as a mental process. There is a realization that the root of our health, relationship, emotional and financial problems is low self esteem.

Why to build your self esteem?


Building self esteem can done a number of ways. All are done through introspection and personal development. All are empowering and life changing.
1) Goal setting – increasing self worth by setting and achieving attainable goals.
2) Spiritual development – developing a deep connection with your Higher Self.
3) Assertiveness – standing up to the forces that make us feel inferior.
4) Positive thinking – turning around a negative thought, feeling or situation by focusing on its opposite positive.
5) Mental reprogramming – changing our accumulated mental baggage by impressing new thoughts into our subconscious mind.

Some folks spend years in psychotherapy rehashing the trauma of past events. To truly boost self esteem, a more proactive approach is needed. Talking and living in the past does nothing if an effort is not made to make the present and future healthier and happier.

Don’t be afraid to admit to yourself and others your self esteem is hurting. It is a common calamity. We all are precious, deserving and valuable human beings. Building self esteem not only develops that thinking in oneself but towards others. It is a valuable quality to develop. My hope is that I have helped.