Why women shoes are the most important fashion accessory?

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Womens shoes play a huge part in achieving their overall look. From stilettos to sandals and boots to brogues, nothing is so important.

Few people are fortunate enough to have footwear designed and made specifically for them but whether you prefer the high street shops or the more exclusive designer stores, there are styles to match everyone’s taste and budget.

What are the main designs available?

  • Court shoes – the timeless classic. Dress these up or down, wear them in any colour with jeans or to the office in black, navy or brown with a smart suit.
  • Mules – dainty shoes in any plain colour or exciting patterns, usually worn with a skirt or dress
  • Ballet pumps – Choose from bright stripes, dazzling sequins, shimmering metallics or just plain colors.
  • Stilettos either strappy in patent leather or open toed for that sensual look.
  • Wedge – Usually worn as a sandal but also available as a full shoe or for a more up to date style why not choose a wedged boot.
  • Peep Toe – What goes around comes around – so they say – great with dresses.
  • Ankle Strap – Look best if you are tall and slender and have thin ankles. Best in high heels.

Why women shoes are the most important fashion accessory?

Don’t forget about the heels – size matters and are very personal to your individual taste. Never wear heels you are not comfortable in as they can ruin your posture.