Why would you want to increase your muscular endurance?

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Your muscular endurance is your muscle’s ability to generate adequate force through repeated repetitions of a motion.

If you lift weights, then the amount of reps which you can perform is determined by your muscular strength and endurance. If you run, then the amount of power which your muscles can generate with each step over time is also determined by your muscle’s endurance. No matter what kind of physical activity you do, the endurance of your muscles comes into play.

Regardless of what you do, you can benefit from increasing your muscular endurance. So, how can you increase the endurance of your muscles? Well, if you guessed “through strength training,” then you guessed correctly. Performing moderately high repetitions with moderate resistance/ weight is the best way to increase your muscle’s endurance. In fact, if you’re already strength training, then you’re probably increasing your muscular endurance and muscular strength as you train!

In any case…

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Perform exercises within the 10-12 rep range- Working within this rep range is the best way to ensure that you’re increasing your muscular endurance.
  • Keep your rest to a minimum between sets- If you’re working for endurance, then you don’t need anymore than 45- 90 seconds in between sets. As long as you’re within the 10-12 rep range, then that’s plenty of time.
  • Make sure that the weight isn’t too heavy- Your goal is endurance, not strength. Lift a lighter weight more times for endurance. If the weight is too heavy, then it will take too long to recover, and you increase your risk of injury!
  • Take minimal rest between different exercises- This will give you more of a circuit training effect, and you’ll increase your muscular as well as your cardiovascular endurance this way.

If you’re performing less than 10-12 reps in your current strength training workout, then adding in a high rep workout every now and then is an excellent way to mix things up and keep your body on its toes.

Why would you want to increase your muscular endurance?

Getting it started

Well, those are pretty much the things for you to watch for while you’re working to increase your body’s muscular endurance.

As I stated earlier, if you’re currently strength training correctly, then you’re already improving your overall muscular fitness, so you’re on the right track.

Remember, if you train with intensity, purpose, and proper technique, then you will see results!

Good luck!