Why You Must Set Your Goals?

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Don’t know how to set your goals? Don’t know what you want? You have heard of the importance of goal setting, not to mention how important it is to write your goals down. The problem is that you have no idea of what you really desire! You want a fabulous life, of course, but don’t really know what kind of fabulous life. Well, don’t worry. This is a great exercise for goal setting:

Gather a pile of old magazines. Go through them and cut out every picture that somehow appeals to you. Try to do this fast. Don’t think. Just use your scissors on any picture that you like.

Now, what did you cut out?

Pictures of expensive jeweleries, fancy sports cars and luxury holiday resorts?

Pretty clothes, lovely gardens and relaxing spas?

Rock stars, celebrity parties, modern art and stylish interiors?

Or all of these?

Why You Must Set Your Goals?

Now let’s take a closer look at those pictures. See it as the first step to set your goals. Let’s say you cut out quite a few pictures of famous musicians and actors, both performing and partying. How do you feel when you look at that photo of Madonna, from her latest world tour? Or that of Scarlet Johansson, all dressed up at the premiere of her latest film? Do you feel jealous? Sad? Do you feel like you’ve missed out on something here in life? That it should have been you there, up on that stage or in that stunning gown at that party? Do you feel that you really belong in that world?

Now imagine that you actually were there. At the stage, or at that party. Picture yourself taking a deep sigh and a huge sip of water in your wardrobe, a last check in the mirror. Your make up, hair and outfit are perfect. You look great, though you feel slightly nervous and excited – and you know that’s good. As you open the door of your wardrobe you hear the screams from thousands of fans mixed with the sounds of music, announcing your arrival. You walk fast and confident towards the scene, grab the microphone and cheer your audience. The show can begin.

Or imagine yourself preparing for that celebrity party. You slip into that Versace dress, carefully, so you won’t destroy your hair or make up. On with the stunning pair of shoes, a dash of your favorite perfume. Then out to the waiting limo. At the venue your chauffeur jumps out and opens the door for you. The flashing of the light bulbs almost blinds you at first, but then professionally you walk up the red carpet, only stopping now and then to sign an autograph and to pose for the photographers.

How do these day dreams make you feel? Excited? Happy? Alive?

Stupid? Embarrassed?

Remember that daydreaming is like writing your order with Universe – if you don’t ask, you won’t get it!

If you feel stupid and embarrassed I bet it’s because there’s an inner voice in your head shouting at you: “Who do you think you are!” Probably there was that external voice of a parent or a teacher that shouted the same words when you told them about your daydreams and fumbling goal setting when you were 14. That parent or teacher didn’t know how visualization is an important tool to success! So now you’re going to allow yourself to feel happy and excited.

Take a scrapbook and glue in your favorite pictures. This is your daydream book. Your feel great book. Your sun-on-a-rainy-day book. This is your life – and doesn’t it feel fantastic?

These pictures appeals to you because they appeal to your inner desires and needs. As I doubt you cut out every single picture from the magazines there’s probably a pattern here, showing you rather clearly what you’d love to have somehow in your life. And that’s what set your goals are all about! Right now we’re not going to think about how you can get it. Now you’re just going to dream.

Open your book and let your daydreams out!

PS: Don’t forget to be grateful for all the great stuff you ALREADY have in your life!