Why you need to forgive yourself and everybody?

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One of the most endearing and powerful “F” words is forgive.

Forgive – 1.Stop feeling angry or resentful towards a person who has done something hurtful or wrong 2.Excuse an offence or mistake (oxford dictionary)

Why you need to forgive yourself and everybody?

Forgive Yourself

Whatever it was: You have already been forgiven by the universe, God, Allah, Buddha, Ra — whatever name you want to call the greatest power and creator. The universe does not judge us. The universe is here to assist us in having the best life possible — a life free of guilt and shame.

Why you need to forgive yourself and everybody?

We are our biggest obstacle. For instance, I used to feel guilty about not feeling guilty about something that most people would feel guilty about.

We can choose to forgive ourselves at any time. Just say, “I forgive me.” You don’t even have to say it out loud — just think it. Yes, it is that easy. Each of us has the power to forgive ourselves as many times as we need to.

We learn from our mistakes and move on. Know that it is alright to forgive yourself. It is alright to love yourself. No one can accomplish anything feeling guilty, shameful and angry.

Forgive Everybody Else

Forgive anyone who has hurt you in any way. Release the hurt. Release the anger. I have found that the best way to release these negative emotions is to forgive.

Why you need to forgive yourself and everybody?

I not only forgive them; I find something about them to love. I love them because they, too, are magnificent children of this universe. (In most cases, they just don’t know it.)

I forgive and I love them for my sake. I need to feel the love in me.

Hate and anger will destroy the host. Take back your power. Forgive yourself and everybody. Let the dead past bury the past.