Why you need to learn about neuroscience?

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Neuro means of nervous system, and neuroscience is the scientific study of nervous system.

Why we talk about neuro-science?

1) It can provide another viewpoint

Doctors and psychiatrists may be able to cure patients by the improvement of the knowing of our brains. For example some mental disorders are due to the damage of the brain. Drug addiction is related to the brain reward pathway system.

2) It is not unrealistic as it sounds

Some antidepressant or drugs were developed based on the knowledge of specific chemical reactions in the nervous system.

3) It is more scientific

That does not mean it is true, if we know the truth of things there would be no research. But if the approach can be examined, it can be more accurate and easier to adjust by the proof. For example, technique of brain imaging can shows us if the density, electric activity, or blood is changed in different region of brain.

Why you need to learn about neuroscience?

4) Diagnose the possible defect in brain

A doctor who specialized in brain imaging technique concluded from his 30000+ case studies, if the brain works well, the person will act well. And some patients who could not benefit from the other treatment, recovered after taking medicine to improve the brain functions.

Perhaps one does not like the scientific study of mind. He/she may think it is against religion or ethics. Skip the religion issue (since everyone has different viewpoints), for the ethics part, the technique can be used to do good things or bad things, it depends on who and how to use it.