Why You Should Be Interested In Fall Gardening?

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As fall draws near it is time to begin thinking about what needs to be done to your plants, flowers, tress and shrubs to make sure they are winter ready. This is when you plan for the next spring by preparing your garden, protecting plants, maintaining gardening equipment, among other things.

There are different reasons for interest in Fall Gardening.

  • {1} You really want to grow some veggies, plants or flowers in the fall.
  • {2} You are preparing bulbs, seeds and perennials for the spring.
  • {3} You are buttoning down the garden to protect things over the winter.
  • {4} You are cleaning up & setting the stage for a fresh start next spring.

Depending on what country you live in (and what specific region within your country) changes in seasons occur at different times, rates, and manners. You can consult such maps as the USDA Pant Hardiness Zones Maps, or other worldwide reference guides to determine your exact climatic conditions.

Why You Should Be Interested In Fall Gardening?

The great thing about treating your gardens on a regional basis is that you can know what to plant when. It all varies and eventually you’ll reach the time of the year to “Put Your Gardens to Bed”.