Why you should consider visiting Schilthorn in Switzerland?

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The Schilthorn is best known for Piz Gloria, its revolving, solar-powered, mountain top restaurant. At 10,000 feet, it is a popular spot with tourists wanting to take beautiful photos of the Alps and a 360 degree view of 200 mountain peaks.

Catch the cable car anyplace along the run from Stechelberg on the valley floor to Gimmelwald or Mürren on the mountain’s slopes for the 30-minute ride up to the top. Piz Gloria was made famous when scenes in the James Bond thriller On Her Majesty’s Secret Service were filmed there in the late 1960′s.

If you are lucky while out on the observation deck one of the paragliders from Interlaken will pop up over the side of the mountain and wave at you. Leave the building and join the folks sitting out on the ridge. Jean and I always take a bottle of beer and our lunch out there. We put the bottle down in the snow to stay cold while we eat and take pictures.

I’ll never forget the Golden Retriever we saw there one trip. He just couldn’t get enough of the snow. He rolled and rolled and then barked his delight again and again. He was really funny to watch. What joy!

Why you should consider visiting Schilthorn in Switzerland?

If hiking is your passion try it here. It is 5,000 feet up from Gimmelwald. Down is easier. Ride the cable car down to Birg, the midway point and hike down to Mürren or Gimmelwald from there. The Schilthorn lift stations, most hotels, and the TI in Mürren have 3-D hiking maps of both sides of the Valley.

The gondola ride roundtrip is discounted to 60 SF before 9:00 a.m. and after 3:30 p.m. You will save 20-35 SF depending on your starting point. To go for the Early Bird breakfast before 9:00 get the combination trip and breakfast ticket for a discount. The lifts go twice each hour for the 30-minute trip. Page 143 in your guidebook has all the info.