Why you should get a leather briefcase?

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I have a leather briefcase for meetings and one for just working in the office. There is a third on the way but I haven’t decided what that will be for yet.

There are lessons to be learned however when buying a leather briefcase…

  • Stitching This must be the finest quality using the best threads. This is even more important where the briefcase is a ‘floppy’ variety which is just made from hide and has no frame. If the stiching is of poor quality you will be forever returning the product for a replacement or getting it mended. Believe me this takes away the pleasure of ownership.
  • The handle There are a couple of general handle styles and what you use the briefcase for should determine which you choose. The traditional handle is similar to what you used to get on suitcases and is hard – usually metal – and covered in leather. If you are going to be carrying documents only this type of handle is acceptable – but if you will be carrying any files or a PC then the weight will cause this typoe to dig into the palm of your hand. If you are carrying any sort of weight you need a shoulder strap and a full leather handle. This is softer and will mold into the shape of your palm making it much more comfortable to carry.

Other important considerations in making your choice

Color A very personal decision – but bear in mind the very light tans – bordering on yellow for camel skins – are prone to show scuff marks more obviously. Burgundy is a rich color which hides scuffs well and looks very classy [yes I have one!]

Why you should get a leather briefcase?

The traditional colors for leather briefcases are these:

  • Brown
  • Tan
  • Black [not a favorite of mine for briefcases]
  • Olive
  • Burgungy

What you will use it for determines the style

For documents only a slimline briefcase is the most appropriate – up to the other extreme where large paper files will be carried – where a pilots case does the best job.

In between these two extremes you can now buy a leather briefcase to either carry your laptop or your sandwiches.

A small point – but a practical one is ‘How do you want it to react when you put it down on the floor’ Do you mind if it falls over – probably yes if it has your laptop in it. If so don’t buy the floppy frameless variety it won’t be suitable. They just settle in a heap when you put them down and provide no protection. If you are buying a briefcase solely to carry a computer – instead of using one of those dreadful nylon pc bags – you should certainly make sure the base is broad and that it stands up when put down. Some of the laptop briefcases are very narrow so this might be a problem.

The way round this if you are set on the style is to make sure it has a The strap must have a moveable shoulder pad so that the weight doesn’t bite into your shoulder and wear out your suit jacket.