Why you should visit the Fraser Island?

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Fraser Island is a massive sand island,(over 123kms long) in fact it’s the largest sand island in the world. Located just south of the Great Barrier Reef, (about 280kms north of Brisbane and about 4 hours drive) strictly speaking, Fraser isn’t part of the Reef, but is well worth including in your visit to the region as it has a beauty and charm all of it’s own.

This magnificent sand island is protected as a World Heritage area, and has become an Ecotourism venue.

Approximately 50kms north of Fraser Island is Lady Elliot Island and the start of the Great Barrier Reef.

The area between Fraser’s west coast and Hervey Bay on the mainland is home to some of the best Whale Watching in the world!

Covered in flourishing forests, which include huge Satinay and Brushbox trees, that create a towering rainforest canopy, there are as many as 200 freshwater lakes and hundreds of freshwater streams & creeks throughout the island. All of this is capped off with a magnificent coastline of beaches with golden sand and the roar of the Pacific Ocean. All of which create a very unique and picturesque setting.

Be sure and check out some of the fantastic photos (at the bottom of this page) that display some of the contrasts and wonderment of this spectacular sand island.

Why you should visit the Fraser Island?

The coastline has various shipwrecks, the most famous being the wreck of the ‘ Maheno ‘ which sank on July 19th 1935 while being towed to Japan by the ‘Oonah ‘ for scrap metal. Unseasonal cyclonic conditions caused the tow rope to break and she washed ashore on Fraser.

This former New Zealand Trans Tasman Liner and grand old lady of the sea, which was used for transporting troops during world war 1, subsequently faced the indignity of being used for target practise for allied bombers.

Fraser Island is famous for this beautiful scenery as well as it’s wildlife, which includes Dingos, (an Australian wild dog) Wallabies, Flying Foxes, Echidnas and many native birds, there is some very good fishing as well.

Guided 4wd Ecotours are offered by several operators which depart from Hervey Bay, but many visitors prefer to Hire their own 4wd vehicle self drive their own 4wd vehicle.

Accommodation on the island, ranges from camping to cottages, houses and eco resorts. (For more information, Freecall 1800 444 155)

Kingfisher Bay Resort is a 4 star international standard development, with 152 rooms overlooking lakes and bushland, as well as 110 2 & 3 self contained bedroom villas with bush and sea views. Ther is also a multi share Wilderness Lodge accommodation for their ‘Cool Dingo’ tours.

Getting to Fraser Island is easy, just 45mins by air or 4 hours by car from Brisbane and 2 1/2 hours by car north of Noosa and the Sunshine Coast.

Sunshine Express flys to Hervey Bay, and McCafferty’s Coaches have several daily services.

Helicopter flights to and from the island can be made from the Kingfisher Bay Resort booking office.

This is yet another part of our beautiful Queensland that is a must see when visiting this part of the world.