Will this work for my patio door?

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by Deb
(Southern California, USA)

Hi Lee!

I have purchased my home decor fabric 60 inch wide, interliner (flannel material) and lining fabric. I work nights and have a 8 ft wide patio slider in my room that is also 8 ft tall. It gets lots of sun in the spring to summer months and the temp here gets >100 degrees.

My plan is to make 4-6 drapery panels in the decorator fabric with the interlining and lining. I plan to make goblet pleats with pleating tape.

Now the question I have is that I also have blackout liner material. My plan was to do the panels and then attach buttons to the back of the panels to attach the blackout liner to.
Will this work? I plan to hang the panels with heavy duty clip rings. I could convert these to pin rings by removing the clips. I plan to overlap the black out liner in the back with room for the split to draw them open when I’m not sleeping or at night.
Thank you for your input. Deb

PS I was going to make a three layer panel and then attach the base lining but I felt this would make the panels to heavy and the thickness for sewing would be difficult. I am a experienced seamtress, but have not sewn drapes for a few years.

Will this work for my patio door?

HI Deb

The way we do it in the workroom is to sew all three layers together. The face fabric, the interling and then the blackout lining. Then sew the header tape over all three layers. I would not sew in standard curtain lining then hang blackout lining fabric over it.

Use one or the other but not both. It just seems more work.

Then I use pin hooks in the tape to hang the curtains from the rings on the curtain rod. I don’t like having blackout linings hanging separately. Unless there is a very good reason.

Your right about the ring clips not holding your curtains. Best to use pin hooks and lose the clips.

I hope it all goes well for you. As I’m sure it will.

Best regards