Window moulding sticks out 4.5″ from wall?

by Tanya
(Houston Texas)

I want to hang full length drapes around my dining room window. The problem I am faced with is that the top of the window is framed by deep crown moulding that sticks out 4.5″ from the wall. What type of pole should I use. I can’t find anything that sticks out far enough into the room to clear the moulding?

Window moulding sticks out 4.5 from wall?

Hi Tanya

The only thing I can suggest is to buy a double curtain rod. The brackets have a reach from the wall around 6 1/4 inches. So would just allow you to hang your curtains in front of your window.

The double rod as the name suggests has 2 rods one in front for your main curtains. then a rod at the back to hang sheer curtains. You could leave the back rod on the brackets or simply leave it off.

Best regard