Window treatments for a 1898 farm house?

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by Linda Taylor
(Elgin, Il USA)

I truly hope you can give me some advice!! I live in a 1898 farm house. It has a big front porch with two long windows on the porch side and one on the north side in the living room and one on the north side in the dining room.

The dining room and living room are separated by an archway, the ceilings are 11 foot and molding is wide and beautiful. The living room and dining room flow together.

I’d like different treatments but same colors and nothing heavy …the more light the better. Due to living on a corner, the need of privacy in the evening is a must. My style is casual and comfortable. I have a few antique pieces but I’m not into country or contemporary.

My husband wants cafe curtains with a valance of some type, light in with privacy below. When I think of cafe curtains I think of a kitchen not a living room… maybe in the dining room??

Right now I have horrible vinyl 1″ mini blinds on every single window in my house.

I’m really looking forward to hearing your suggestions.

Thank you very much,

Window treatments for a 1898 farm house?

Hi Linda

A lot of what you ask is about personal style and taste. So can vary quite a lot, but I think you have 2 issues to deal with number one “privacy” and number 2 “style”.

I think from what you say, that you want something fairly simple not to fussy. So I am leaning towards Double curtain rods.

I will give a quick description just in case your not up to speed on them. They are made of wood or metal. They have a rod with curtain rings for hanging a sheer curtain. Then another rod in front for hanging a real curtain. Both rods are supported by the same wall brackets.

On tall narrow windows rather than having a pair of curtains you would have a single sheer and a single curtain. You would then tie back the curtain one way and the sheer the other way.

This gives a really attractive look to the window. At the same time having lots of privacy. You can always let the sheer curtain fall all the way across the window for total privacy. Then in the evening let the real curtain fall across the window to completely block the window.

I don’t have picture of this on a double rod to hand, but I have one of the two curtains hung on tracks just to give you an idea. This one is tied back quite high up. You may want to fit your tie backs at waist height.

Window treatments for a 1898 farm house?

I hope this gives you an idea you can build upon.

Best Regards