Window treatments for open floor plan

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by LaKita
(Dallas,Tx USA )

My house is an open floor plan. My formal living room and dining room are side by side with an archway separating the two areas. In my living room I have antique cream colored furniture. Almost everything in there is cream in color even the lamps.

The curtains are silk fabric also cream. I need some color. My dining room table is cherry wood to match the antique furniture with cream seats. I put rich red(almost burgundy) curtains in the dining room. They don’t let in much light like the living room area.

The curtains are beautiful, but I’m wondering if the color of the curtains should be the same in both areas. My goal was to make them look separate and distinct. My walls are a buttercup yellow throughout with white ceilings. My walls are custom paint, so I will not be changing the wall color. Any suggestions? Please help.

Window treatments for open floor plan

Hi LaKita

From what you say it would not hurt to change the curtains in your living room to burgundy as well.

Another thing you could do instead is to put some burgundy cushions (pillows) onto your sofas. Also add a large burgundy area rug in your living room.

I don’t think it’s as important for the curtains in both rooms to match, but they could. I think just using the two colors cream and burgundy in some way in both areas would be good.

So both your room themes are cream and burgundy.
Then in one room the dominant color could be cream and the other the dominant color would be burgundy. Because your rooms are interconnecting you need to make the color scheme flow through both without them being identical.

Best regards