Wine Clubs

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Homemade Wine Clubs

Now that you are making your own homemade wine, look for a wine society or club in your area. Maybe even start your own. Wine clubs are a great way to get together with fellow homebrewers. You can share tips and tricks, compare homebrews, and share stories about the batch that turned funky and exploded in your kitchen. Having trouble finding one in your area? Try searching on a search engine like Google with the keywords homemade wine society or wine club plus your state or city.

Wine Clubs

Wine of the Month Clubs

Not sure what you should make next? Get out there and try as many different syles of wine as you can. C’mon now – not all in one sitting, try to spread it out a bit. This is a good way to help decide what to make next. Challenge yourself with a complex wine flavor, try to mimick something you like, or make it better with you own personal improvements. A wine of the month club is a great way to have an assortment of premium wines delivered to your door every month. Or find a grocery store or bar that specializes in variety and try something new.