Wine From La toscana Winery

La Toscana is a small, family-style winery just east of Leavenworth. La Toscana’s wines are crafted in old-world tradition using artisan techniques, exclusively.

Warren Moyles, owner and winemaker of La Toscana Winery, and his wife, Julie, lived in Italy for two years while teaching in the Defense Department school system. In 1989 the Moyles moved to central Washington to open a winery and European-style guest room. La Toscana wines are made with grapes from the estate vineyard blended with contracted grapes. The winery is open by appointment only, so call ahead!

Moyles makes Sangiovese and a Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon blend, among others. Here are tasting notes on two of the wines.

Sangiovese: Aromas of blackberries and chocolate with bright tannins characterize this Tuscan-style wine.

Wine From La toscana Winery

Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon: A crisp, refreshingly zesty aromatic wine. It has a rich, lemony taste.