Winston fly rods

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Winston fly rods have been built for 75 years with one goal in mind…Their goal is to build the best Winston fly rods for the money and be the most used fly rod on the water.

The Winston Fly Rod Company started back in 1929 by Lew Stoner and Robert Winther. You guessed it…they were called “Winston”.

Winston started out building bamboo rods. Years later, they transitioned into fiberglass and in the 80′s they began using graphite. In the 90′s they developed their “famous” LT 5 piece rods.

Listen, when I tell you that these are “ outstanding ” fly rods.

I had one custom made and have landed 6+ pound fish on it and never had a problem. Whether it’s throwing big streamers, nymphs with strike indicators…split shot…etc or size 22 dry flies, I can do it all with ease and accuracy.

Since the early days the company has had very few owners and have developed numerous outstanding lines of fly rods.

They offer the following:

  • BoronIIX:  3-12 Weight, 8’6″ to 11′, 4 piece, Fast Action…
    The second generation of this rod designed for making short 25′ casts all the way out to 100′…

Winston fly rods

  • Boron XTR:  6,8,9,10,12,14 Line Weight, 8’3″-9′, 3 or 5 piece, Very Fast Action…
    Saltwater rods that were built specifically to contend with lots of wind, big flies, shooting heads and sinking lines.
  • WT:  2-6 Weight, 6’6″-9’6″ (10′ for float tubing),2 or 3 piece, Medium to Fast Action…
    The famous progressive taper design works very well for closer distances and delicate casts prociding tips that are able to protect even the smallest 7x tippets.
  • LT 5 Piece:  2-6 Weight, 6’9″ – 9′, 5 piece Medium-Fast Action…
    My Winston rod. Their internal spigot ferrule system ensures that the taper and internal diameter of one section exactly matches the other adjoining piece. Believe me, it fishes every bit as good as the 2 piece rod but offers the convenience of packing a small rod!
  • IBIS:  3-10 Weight, 7’6″-10′, 4 piece, Fast Action…
    New in 2003, designed for the more budget-conscious angler, these fast-action rods are extraordinarily easy to cast and have features not found in other lower cost rods…beautiful burgundy finish, titanium anodized reel seat and a beautiful Cocobola wood insert.
  • Bamboo:  There are several bamboo rods available, all in the $2750.00 and up price range. NOTE: It can take up to 2 years for completion of one of these hand-crafted rods.

All rods are covered by the WINSTON Unconditional Lifetime Warranty.