Wireless Projector- a very handy and useful tool

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There are commonly two types of wireless projectors available on the market. They are defined and distinguished by their characteristics. These are the Upload and the Real-Time type wireless projector.

While both have benefits, both have drawbacks and limitations as well. They depend mostly on a computer as the source of multimedia or image displays. With either type, you will need a computer with a compatible wireless card in order to be able to use the projector.

One major setback is the limited ability to transmit large data packets smoothly. As speeds are increased and technology advances, perhaps this will change. However, for the time being, it is impossible to view video such as DVDs or movies over a wireless projector.

The upload wireless-projector can be a very handy and useful tool for the person making business presentations, or perhaps for the family who wants to share pictures of a recent party or event. This type of projector requires the user to upload the multimedia to be displayed, to the projector itself. The projector contains a hard drive that stores the data to be displayed. Thus, no computer is required for the actual projection of media. This can be especially helpful if someone is needed to present a fixed presentation.

Wireless Projector  a very handy and useful tool

If the presentation is protected and should not be changed, this is definitely the right choice. This limits the user’s capability during some presentations though. Often times, there will be a more fluid environment for the presentation where the media must be constantly updated to stay current. A computer is still needed to do this, although the computer will not be required for the actual presentation in real time.

The real time wireless-projector is just that, it allows the user to control the media input to the projector in a real time environment. As mentioned before, this is exceptionally useful in situations where the presentation is not constant and must be continually updated. The real time wireless projectors is also uniquely suited if you have a large selection of media to display and there is no set order for the information. Whether it is pictures from a holiday vacation or family outing to the latest information being downloaded off the internet and broadcast as it is received, the real-time wireless projector is a little more diverse and useful for many applications.

Both types also have one other very important feature. Security is a very big concern among most wireless users(Or should be at least).

Most wireless-projectors on the market today offer the ability, through proprietary software, to encrypt any of the data sent to and from the projector. While this is very important in some instances, it will also create more latency and “skipping” delays since there is more strain on the processor and bandwidth being broadcast is larger while the data is constantly encrypted and decrypted.

Once the use for the wireless projector is defined, deciding which projector to use is usually an easy choice.