With the Law of Attraction, You Can Create Everything You Want… Or Everything You Don’t

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In his 1906 book “Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World”, William Walker Atkinson discusses the idea that what we focus on mentally – good or bad – is what we attract, both mentally and physically.

Atkinson’s book might have been the first modern use of the term, but the principles behind it – the “cosmic mechanics” that allow it to work – are as old as the universe itself. People have been aware of this Law for millennia, though they might have referred to it by another name. Regardless, very few people have ever consistently used the Law of Attraction in positive ways – that is, ways that truly benefit their lives and the lives of others. An even smaller number have done this consciously.

Those who use the Law successfully have been called everything from “saints” to “miracle workers” to just plain “lucky”. For some reason, the majority of the population just don’t believe in it, or refuse to believe that it can work for them. Indeed, after Walker’s book was published, the term fell into relative obscurity for the remainder of the 20th century.

The Law of Attraction resurrected?

Recently there has been a resurgence in interest, fueled by the work of modern writers and publishers, motivational speakers, spiritual leaders and others. Skeptics might count this as no more than an attempt to capitalize on some old, obscure idea. But there is more to it than that. I believe that this renewed interest shows that more of us are ready to learn about the Law of Attraction; more of us want to learn how to use it consciously in our lives.

With the Law of Attraction, You Can Create Everything You Want... Or Everything You Dont

It may have been that in 1906, too much of the world was not in a place to accept the Law of Attraction or realize its function in all of our lives. Perhaps now, over a century later, our spiritual evolution has reached a point where we are able to consciously use the Law of Attraction. Many people “in the know”, spiritually speaking, state that the world is on the cusp of a great spiritual awakening… and that learning to consciously embrace and use the Law of Attraction is part of that awakening process.

Yes, the Law of Attraction is very, very real.

And yes, everyone can learn to use it consciously. In truth, every one of us is always using it, whether we realize it or not. We’re always attracting something – good or bad. “Something” can be anything… even something you don’t want, or a lack of something else.

For example, if you dislike your old shoes and want new ones, you still have something. You have old shoes that you don’t want; you have the state of not having shoes that you do want.

But only by learning to use the Law of Attraction consciously can we use it to attract what we want on a consistent basis.

“L of A” Basics

Here’s how it works:

The Law of Attraction works because everything in the universe is comprised of energy. Everything is energy. I call it “Infinite Energy“, because that’s exactly what it is.

All material things, from the largest planets and stars down to the tiniest subatomic particles, are made of energy. Non-material things such as light, electricity and magnetism are also made of energy. Even empty space is energy… in fact, it’s not “empty” at all. It’s full of gases, particles, waves and rays of all kinds, and more. And all of it is energy.

To add an extra twist, thoughts, feelings and emotions are energy too.

All states of existence – all states of being – are energy. You are energy, as is everything you think, feel and perceive around you. Sages, spiritual teachers and prophets have claimed this for thousands of years, although much of traditional science-based society has yet to come to terms with it. (Experiments in quantum mechanics and related fields continue to suggest that energy and matter are one and the same. Society’s mindset is actually shifting at this point.)

So if everything is made of the the same energy – Infinite Energy – what differentiates one thing from another? What differentiates the material from the non-material? What determines if energy forms a ray of sunlight, a rock on a beach, an asteroid in space, a thought in your mind, or any other thing in the universe?


More specifically, Infinite Energy’s frequency of vibration. All energy – in other words, everything in the universe – vibrates, and the frequency of its vibration determines its form. Energy that vibrates at lower frequencies forms our material world: everything we can touch, taste and smell. At progressively higher frequencies, energy manifests as non-material things: sound, radio waves, microwaves, infra-red, visible light, ultraviolet, x-rays and gamma rays.

At even higher frequencies, energy forms our worldly thoughts, perceptions, feelings and emotions… the “me” that we are consciously aware of. This is where our thoughts and consciousness relate to the material world. Beyond that we move into higher states of awareness and existence… states which we can access through various forms of meditation and other techniques. It’s here that we find our higher selves, our souls, and realize our connection to everything else.

But let’s stay grounded for the moment. What does this have to do with the Law of Attraction and manifesting? Everything, and here’s why:

Vibes and Manifesting

When Infinite Energy vibrates at the same frequency or in harmony with itself (compatible frequencies), it is automatically attracted to itself. It moves towards itself. To put it simply:

“Like attracts like.”

This is the Law of Attraction. All manifesting techniques are based on Law of Attraction. Match your vibrations to what you want and it moves to you.

The flip side of it is that energy which vibrates at different (incompatible) frequencies is automatically repelled. It moves away from itself.

The next part of it is this: all of Infinite Energy is connected. Each part of it has the ability to influence every other part of it, and does. This might seem “way out there”, but believe it. You have an influence on everything else in the universe, and everything else in the universe has an influence on you. It’s a totally interdependent relationship.

Within this relationship you are always creating with the Law of Attraction. You may not always do it consciously, but trust me – you’re doing it. Remember what I said at the beginning of this page? That you always attracts something, even if it’s a lack of something else? It all depends on your…

Focus and feelings.

Your focus determines your thoughts. Your thoughts determine your feelings. Your feelings are vibrations that you send to Infinite Energy. They determine what you attract and manifest in your life. The stronger your feelings – the more emotionally charged they are – the more influence they have on Infinite Energy, and the more quickly it will manifest what you focus on.

Now, remember what else I said at the beginning? The Law of Attraction – the governing principle of Infinite Energy – doesn’t differentiate between good and bad. (“Good” and “bad” are often a matter of perspective anyway.)

Infinite Energy simply moves towards itself when the vibrations match, and away from itself when they don’t.