Women Dc Boots – Give You That Little Bit Extra

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Dc boots give you that little bit extra, and you’ll definitely notice the technology they use after a days boarding, as there boots make for some of the most comfortable snowboard gear you’ll ever own.

There boots contain various technologies, some including…

Inflatable air bladder: You pump up the air bladder and the liner molds to your specific foot shape, this makes it a custom fit, and best thing it helps reduce heel lift, making life easier.

Heated liner insole: Some selected dc boots contain, air activated foot warmers, they are fitted to the insoles, so all you have to do is open the liner, and activated it as often as needed. That will warm you toes on those cold days boarding.

Toe impact gel: Cool squishy soft gel padding for your toes helps with those landings, the hard ones that think you’ve plunged straight into an ice wall.

Tongue cushioning gel: This helps protect your foot and shin, reducing the feeling of your bindings digging into you, and its an innovation you’ll only get from dc.

For winters 2005 there are a few boots to look out for…


With technology making it one of the lightest, strongest, and most flexible boots. And the BOA lancing system makes adjusting you’re laces an effortless task, so you can gear up anywhere, this boot comes with air pocket, gel shins, toes and heat, so you’re set. The judge has a air pocket in the calf for comfort, and an adjustable ankle brace to help secure the liner in the boot the boot is light, but still maintains maximum traction in the soul.

Women Dc Boots   Give You That Little Bit Extra


Dc boots most successful boot is back with more technology packed in, the Phantom Fours, four part out sole features cold temperature rubber, so when the temperature drops, the CTR compound forms a small a small spike to enhance traction along with arch support for added stability, The air liner also helps with comfort along with gel toe and tongue pads, and heated insoles which are replaceable make for heat, along with lightweight boot, with traction in the soul.


Hounds tooth print on a water proof synthetic leather upper, with double lasted construction concealing a performalite TM mid-sole is just part of the style that makes up the Triax. Air liner have a release valve to help with custom fit, and toe and tongue pads help with comfort and shock absorption. Interior form padding tin the calf area gives comfort, and the lace latch and lock system makes it easier for 360 lacing the souls is designed for traction and these boot are also lightweight. go dc boots

Girls Judge

Dc’s height end women’s dc boots, has a hidden mid-sole for clean styling, and enhances board feel. Boa Lacing system was included to get you into the boot with ease, this boot to contains the air liner, along with air release valve along with tongue and toe gel pads. Shock absorption, maximum comfort, and heated insoles to fight the cold. These boots are lightweight, make easily landings with there gel inserts reducing landing impact and there s touch with there soul made from a durable sticky rubber.


A skate inspired dc boots, the flare with its articulated upper construction will give you more lateral and forward flex. There are two parts to its contraction, it was water- resistant rubber out-sole, and also features a new heel stay pad on the back helping your boot grip to your binding high back better. Gel toes, are combined with lace up closure and gel liners, to make for a comfy and lightweight ride The board is light with increased cushioning and uses abrasion resistant sticky rubber for traction in the snow.


Both ultra responsive and flexible, this boot incorporates a hidden mid-sole for a clean look, with sleeks lines and features, The boots a favorite of the DC team. The BOA lancing systems means quick lancing and the hidden laces make the boot look streamline. The interior foam pad makes calves comfy, gel liners fit with toe gel and laces well, softening impact on landing. Perfomalight makes boots are lightweight while still maintaining traction.

Girls Munroe

This boot will support riders with style and ease. Versatile and enthusiastic for an ambitious intermediate. And giving experts a solid ride. Designed specifically for woman’s sizing and fit this boots the bomb. With water proof synthetic leather, and BOA lacing system means you are in or out of your boot in no time. With standard gel liner, and gel cushion in the toe. Munroes footbed also comes fitted for disposable, air activated footwarmers. They also contain perfermalite making them light weight, have a good traction sole and make of abrasion resistant sticky rubber.


These dc boots means you can take the skate look right to the mountain, as it was actually inspired by a skate shoe line. The boot is one of the first entry level boots with the BOA lacing system. The EMBLEM has a waterproof synthetic leather upper designed to keep snow outside your boot, it comes with basic liner, and interior foam around the calf, and the cut-and-buff mid-sole has been designed to the sole has great traction in the snow

Girls Emblem

Another skate shoe boot for the mountain, the women’s emblem will make u style on the mountain. Engineered to give women the right size and fit this boot makes DC proud. A first entry level snowboot with BOA lacing, synthetic leather upper for keeping snow out, basic liner, calf pad, this boots comfy, and once again another boot with great traction due to the cut-and-buff mid-sole.

Phase, The Phase Stencil, And The Girls Phase

Originating from the Manteca, one of Dc’s favorite shoes, the Phase is ready to take to the slopes and full of skate boot influence. After engineering into a boot, its no surprise that this boot has became a favorite. Constructed the upper out of synthetic leather, and water resistant mesh to reduce boot weight. The tongue and calf areas are padded, and the cup sole is make of abrasion resistant sticky rubber. The multi- tone bottom has DC’s trademarked “pill” Pattern. And the functional sole design makes for great traction and grip in the snow.