Womens Snowboard Clothing – The Big 4

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When going board you need the right clothing. Like doing any sport, you need to be warm enough, comfortable, and of course like any other clothing, you want to look your best. So Its great that there is such a range of fine women’s snowboard clothing out there for you to choose from. The basic clothing you will need to start off with is…

1.) A Womens Snowboard Jacket

A snowboarding jacket is going to help keep you warm, and protect your from the elements you are boarding across, it will also help to insulate your body heat while you board. Most jackets have some sort of venting system in them, allowing you to let excess heat out on those hot days.

If you can find a jacket with a few pockets in it you will be set for putting extras in it you want to take up the mountain, such as lip balm, tissues, sunscreen, camera, mp3 player, what ever you need for the day (this means you don’t have to run back to the car park to get your stuff.

Another must have in a jacket is snow guards, this a essential for any board, in case of wipeout, you want to have snow guards around the wrists of your jacket to stop snow from getting in places it shouldn’t, and once again on the bottom around your waist to stop it from getting up your back, or worse down your pants.

Its often a good idea to buy some waterproofing spray as well, so spray on your jacket, so it can give you the best protection every season, and you can snowboard in great comfort and style.

Womens Snowboard Clothing   The Big 4

Amazon is a great reputable dealer who has a range of womens snowboard clothing, along with men, here are a few great jackets, why not have a look round, and amazon is very trust worthy for buying online, and good with shipping.

2.) Pants

Yet another great idea and come in various different brands with all sorts of colours sizes and shapes to have you looking marvelous. It is important you pick pants the right size, there is nothing worse then getting stomach paints and being uncomfortable from a pair of pants being fat to tight. And then again, its terrible having pants to big, that fall down… this means snow can get in places its unwelcome and you can catch a chill from getting melted snow in you under pants.

So make sure you pants fit well around the waist, but also insure they are an appropriate length so they do not catch in the snow or when you are walking around.

Pockets in your pants can also be a great idea for storing any essentials you may need to take up the mountain with you. Amazon has some great womens snowboard clothing and gloves, and are excellent to buy online.

3.) Gloves

Yet another essential, gloves will mean you don’t get uncomfortable hands while boarding, and when you’re getting in and out of a board, playing with bindings, and generally cruising round the mountain, then last thing you need is frozen hands, and we all no how hard it is to do anything with fingers that are numb, and excessive cold could cause health problems.

4.) Hats

Its been proven that a large amount of body heat is lost through the head, so in the cold of the snow be sure to take your hat, it will keep you ears cosy, and help keep your body warm.

Here are Some great snowboarding products for you for both womens snowboard clothing and mens snowboarding clothing.