Will They Enjoy In Wonderful Crafts for Toddlers?

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Toddler years are one of the crucial stages of child’s development. As parents we have to encourage them to participate in activities that will match their capacity. Many love and enjoy the indoor fun activities that are safe and sound for our child. Crafts for toddlers are one of the ideal indoor activities for them. This will enhance their creativity and imagination. They are also simple and require minimal supervision. Hence toddlers may do it by themselves after simple instruction has been given.

Will They Enjoy In Wonderful Crafts for Toddlers?Will They Enjoy In Wonderful Crafts for Toddlers?Will They Enjoy In Wonderful Crafts for Toddlers?

One of the popular crafts is the activity of making a simple drawing. A box of crayon and pieces of bond paper are the materials required. It can be done by simply showing the toddler how to hold the crayons and the manner it should be stroke on the paper. This can be fun and at the same time a moment of discovering the artistic side of the child. The finish work must be kept or place in file folder for compilation to monitor how the child’s creativeness is developed.


Then the next craft we can introduce to toddlers are the art of making and forming shapes out of clay. Clay must be of different colors to add more attraction to toddlers. It is also recommended to provide them with shape maker so they can quickly form shape on their own. This activity can also induce their creativity and learning skills.

Painting is also another craft that can help the toddler’s intellectual development. Water based paint are recommended, a simple brush and a small canvass. Assist the child in making their first painting. Let them work on their own as soon as their interests in painting arise. The finish product can be framed to encourage the child to work more and as a token of appreciation on their skills.

Crafts made out of recycle paper, cans, boxes are also a fun way to get the kids enjoy learning activities. Just add some crayons, paint materials, paste, plastic rope, scissor and cutter. These tools can help in cutting shapes or connecting them. Products like bag or pen holder can be created out of this recycled materials. It is also encourage adding some sequence, flowers or buttons to make more creative designs.