Writing a Family Reunion “letter & invitation”

Planning and writing a Family reunion letter before you start sending out the invitations is a good idea.

Families lose contact for various reasons so this way you reintroduce yourself while expressing your desire.
• First make a list of reasons why you think it’s a good idea.

• Bring them together in the form of a letter.

• While airing your ideas, ask for feedback.

• Also ask for help! Now is a good time for finding those who could help coordinate things once the ball starts rolling.

• Give plenty of advanced date suggestions and other options.

Writing a Family Reunion letter & invitation

Write down all the intended names and addresses. If some addresses are missing other members may have last contact details that you can glean.

You may decide to carry out a search and there are many who can help in this area. Perhaps try searching the electoral roll records, but this only applies to the United Kingdom and there are other conditions that apply so this is limited.

It’s also worth remembering at this point that some painful memories or hurts might surface, and even make it difficult to face a large gathering.

It’s here that one may decide that it’s too hard to proceed. But if you can it’s also a good time to think about repairing the breach if it’s at all possible.

Especially if it’s in your power to do so, and it also goes without saying do it before the event.

Above all remember that these are only suggestions and whatever you decide have a very happy and very successful reunion!