Writing content – How to Fill in the Skeleton of Your Website Outline?

Writing content is undoubtedly the most difficult part of building a good, well-trafficked website. All of my clients have trouble with this piece at first, and I confess, so did I.

However, after experiences the ups and downs of writing content on one of my own sites, I have found some very helpful content-creation strategies.

Get ready to trick your brain into being able to pump out perfectly sounding articles in less than 30 minutes each!

  1. Quit stressing.

I put this one first because stress is the biggest reason we get writer’s block. Quit thinking that your articles need to be perfect; they don’t.

Do whatever you’ve got to do to take the stress out of writing content.

  1. Make it easy.

You already should have some knowledge of your topic, so start easy by repeating that knowledge in a way that is useful for your readers.

Write a tips article with the top 5-7 tips that anyone should know about your topic. That’s one page. Then you can expand any one of those tips with another article that has 5-7 tips on that subtopic.

  1. Check your keyword website outline for holes

If you created a website outline to begin with, then review it and start checking off the pages that you’ve already created.

What’s left to write? Pick the easiest of those topics and start write an article about it.

  1. Keep track of new ideas

Every time I write an article, I end up thinking “Oh, and I should link that sentence to a page that describes why,” and so on.

As you write content, keep track of new ideas somewhere. I put mine on a whiteboard so I don’t have to open another computer file and take my attention away from my current article.

  1. Write a Myth-busting article

Identify a common myth related to your topic that many people tend to fall for. Describe the myth and why people believe it.

Then describe the reality and why it’s more beneficial to accept the reality than it is to accept the myth.

  1. Do something else 

One of my greatest content writing secrets is taking amply breaks. I don’t write for 8 hours straight a day because I’ve found that it is counterproductive for me.

I am really productive for 2-3 hours, and then my eyes start glazing over, I start missing things and it takes me longer and longer to finish an article.

But… If I go and do something else for an hour or so, then I can write content productively enough to get 5-6 articles done per day and still have a life!

Writing content   How to Fill in the Skeleton of Your Website Outline?

  1. When the going gets tough…

There may come a time when you really, really can’t think of another topic to write about or another way to spin your main topic.

If you’ve got over 100 pages on your website, then you may be finished! But, if not, try this tip. Google your main topic and see what comes up. Look for spins that you might have missed.

Browse related blogs on Technorati and see if there are any worthy posts to link to and comment on.

And finally, my weapon of choice for breaking through writer’s block? For Site Build It users only (sorry everyone else), check out Monetize It. The Ultimate Inside Lateralizer and the Content Building sections are fabulous!