York Mountain Wine Country

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York Mountain is located between the towns of Paso Robles and Cambria. It is one of the smallest AVAs in California and contains few vineyards. Nonetheless, because of its enigmatic climate, there is but quite a bit of interest in the region.

York Mountain Wineries

There are 3 York Mountain Wineries located on the eastern side of the Coastal Mountain Range in San Luis Obispo County. Unlike most wineries in the larger Paso Robles AVA, they produce wines that are known more for grace than for power. Learn more about the handful of dedicated vintners in this small AVA.

York Mountain Climate

York Mountain Wine is made with grapes grown in a moderate and elevated climate. The viticultural area is only about 7 miles east of the Pacific Ocean. It is blessed with the combination of a long and sunny growing season as well as moderating maritime breezes and cool overnight temperatures. Unlike many larger California AVAs, York Mountain truly has a definable microclimate.

 York Mountain Wine Country

York Mountain Geology

York Mountain Vineyards are planted amongst the oak trees in the western hills of the larger Paso Robles AVA. The small, isolated AVA is planted with some very desirable hillside vines. Explore the impact that geology has on grape growing and wine production in the region.

York Mountain History

Andrew York established the first commercial winery in York Mountain Wine Country. Originally called Ascension Winery, it has sinced renamed York Mountain Winery. The Goldman Family purchased the property in 1970. Max and Steve Goldman were instrumental in securing AVA status for the wine region in 1983.