You Can Be Warm and Comfortable with Snowboard Hoody

A snowboard hoody is a comfortable and excellent idea for snowboarding, not only do you get the snuggly comfort of a hooded sweatshirt underneath you jacket, you get a hat to pull up on the chair lift, you also have something warm and comfortable to roam around in before and after you go up the mountain, and the option of layering your clothing to keep warm.

Every snowboard girl has a favorite Snowboard Hoody, they are one of my top snowboarding items of clothing as I can choose on of a different weight depending on the weather forecast to put under my jacket and this means i can be comfortable call day on the mountain.

The Snowboard Hoody Hood

The hood is great for those days where its to warm for a hat but may get windy on the chair, you can simply pull up your hood until your off the chair, and there is not rummaging round in pockets to put on or take of hats while your playing on the chair lift.


Hoody come in different weights and materials, everything from cotton, to wool, to synthetic materials and so on. I would be more incline to picking something a bit thicker for those colder days, preferably with fleece lining to help give me some insulation. Or if its a mild day something thinner, and I would also make the most of the zips on my jacket to cool off if need be. And a Woolen Hoody, made of something like merino wool is excellent, means you do not have to wear layers of thermal underwear, you can jut throw a t shirt underneath and a jacket on top and away you go.

You Can Be Warm and Comfortable with Snowboard Hoody

Wear Clothes that fit

When wearing a Hoody up the mountain, you want to make sure is long enough to cover you tummy, the last thing you want is snow getting up your top or down your pants, as this means you will be left most of the day cold wet and uncomfortable.

Perhaps the best thing about a Hoody up the mountain is after a hard days boarding, you can take of your jacket and enjoy your ride down the mountain, or to your accommodation in dry comfort and warmth. And not look half bad after a days boarding.

Choose you colors wisely

When boarding I find I need to pick the colors i wear carefully, after a days boarding wearing a red Hoody or jacket is not my wisest mood as sometimes wind burn can turn me that color, so i try and stick to more earth tones to keep me from looking frazzled after a long day up the mountain, but pick colors that world for you!