You Can Create Your Own Kitchen Design

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Your kitchen design concepts for your dream kitchen can be a little frustrating at first. But I guarantee if you follow my guide it will be less frustrating. Your design should encompass a place where you eat, work, cook and entertain.

Take a good look at your current kitchen space. Make sure that your kitchen blends into the rest of your home. Ask yourself a series of questions. What kind of appliances do I like? What kind of countertops do I want? Do I want to increase the resale of my current home? Get the picture?

Most kitchen designs follow a special layout. Gallery shape, L-shape, U-shape and G-shape. Get to know these layouts.

Gallery shape consists of two walls facing each other of appliances and cabinets. These designs are common in small places such as apartments and small condos.

L- Shape is natural work setting that has generous counter area and sometimes includes a center island.

U-shape is similar to the gallery but has more room. The range, sink and refrigerator are arranged on three walls, there is so much potential for many work stations.

You Can Create Your Own Kitchen Design

G-shape allows for more cabinetry, appliances and amenities than the other layouts.

If you are building a new home or have an existing kitchen sketch out your design shape for your dream kitchen.

Plan something special such as a bench style sitting or a booth instead of a table and chairs.

A wine cooler built into the kitchen island is great for entertaining.

Second dishwasher or a second sink is a good design if you are entertaining type.

Cooking and chatting is a fun way to spend a Friday night with friends, so that extra cook top on the island is a good design.

The kitchen seems to be the place where I spend a good part of my life. My L-shape kitchen is equipped with granite counter tops. I choose white Merrillat cabinets for a traditional style. Tumble marble as my back splash. For aesthetic reasons the planning of my desk blends with the rest of the traditional kitchen design.