You can make these “Easy make curtains” in a day without having made a curtain in your life before

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Just the job for anyone with zero sewing skills……. Think a sewing machine is for blending smoothies, then read on, easy make curtains is for you.

Have a wide window?

With this method of making curtains you can only make up to the width of your fabric. Some fabric suppliers have “double width fabrics” up to 300cm wide.

These are great if you have a wide bay window or french doors. You will need a few things before you get started. I have made list below.

  • Sharp pair scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Roll of fusible webbing tape (Wonder web)
  • Steam Iron
  • Pencil or chalk

First you need to layout your fabric on the table. Then cut your lengths of fabric including hem allowances. Use a pencil or chalk on dark fabrics to mark your cutting line.

Creating the side seams

The next step is to turnover the sides of your fabric by 2cm. then press down the edge. Then repeat for the same side by turning over a further 2cm. Then pressing down the edge again. You may need to use pins to hold down the seam if it will not lie flat.

Next the magic ingredient

Next you need to feed in the wonder web fusible webbing tape a short length at a time, and press down with your iron.Then repeat the whole above process for the other side of your fabric.

You can make these Easy make curtains in a day without having made a curtain in your life before

Right now for the bottom hem !

Then on to the bottom hem of your curtain. Turnover about 4cm and press down with the iron. Then turn over a further 10cm and press down again. If necessary pin down again.Then feed in the fusible webbing tape a short length at a time and press down over the webbing tape firmly.

Finally to what kind of heading do you want……?

I have shown 3 examples of easy make curtains for you to try.

1# Slot top for passing a rod thru.

2# Plain top for clip top fixings.

3# Fusible press on pencil pleat tape.

Slot top curtain

Really simple create a long pocket open both ends and thread you rod right thru. You will probably need to add a couple of hand stitches to the ends of each pocket. Especially if you are going to use them on a daily basis.

Plain top curtains hung with decorative clips

Check out the diagram below to see how this works. Really simple again just fold over a few cm’s twice and press down on the fusible webbing and your done. Just clip on as many decorative clips as you need for your width of curtain. I recommend you hang these clip top curtains from some kind of rod or pole. Rather than a rail they will look so much better.

Fusible iron on pencil pleat tape

This will make the heading on your curtain look more traditional. With a regimented pleated header. Nothing much more to say about this kind of curtain other than to say. Before you start to press on the tape. Pull out the cords and tie in a knot. This is so when you have made your curtain and start to pull the cords at the other end to gather the tape you don’t loose all the cords at the start of the tape.

There you have it a really easy make curtains for you to try today. Go on give it a go today. If your still unsure then take a look at this below.

Have an expert show you exactly how to make beautiful pleated curtains

As much as I know how to make curtains of all kinds my friend Jennifer Thoden is a master of the art. She has been teaching people how to make all kinds of soft furnishings for many years. If you would like to make truly professional looking curtains then she can help you.