You dont need any accessories – but they are all great to have anyway!

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You won’t be able to list all the possible accessories which can be made from leather – I bet you.

Here’s some obvious ones to start you off…

  • Passport holders
  • PadfoliosFolios in the UK
  • Wallets and Purses

    But why is there an accessory market anyway? Its commercial. Just like carpet manufacturers may make offcuts into rugs – and if they have yarn left may make multi colored rugs leather manufacturers need to have something to make with the small pieces left over.

    Classic examples of this would be leather laces, leather ties or any other type of leather stripping. They are using every last piece in order to get the most profit from their raw material which is expensive.

    Remember also that they can be made from leather other than cow hide – pigs skin, reptile skin, shark skin or goat skin are the most popular. Certainly the more exotic leathers can attract a price premium because of their ‘Exclusivity’ value

    In Asia products produced from the Manta Wray fish are very popular. The leather produced is very hardwaring so is useful in products which take a lot of wear – purses and wallets for example

    Also consider that most items are small and so smaller hides can be used as well as using every last square inch of the larger cow hides. Smaller hides can be tanned more quickly and in a way which allows more color varieties than traditional vegetable tanning.

    You dont need any accessories   but they are all great to have anyway!

    The accessories industry is an industry in itself – often being grouped in the luxury gifts sections of directories and web sites

    How are you getting on with that list? Here’s a few more less obvious ones.

  • De lux passport holder – holds tickets, passports, travel documents – I use one of these – its a great stress buster!
  • Picture frames
  • Checkbook covers
  • 3 Ring Binders