You want to Escape the Rat Race, but have doubts…

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As you escape the rat race, you’ll encounter 7 “Dragons of Derailment” along your path. The second is “A Dragon Called Doubt”.

What is Doubt?

Doubt is often an irrational, or emotional mental response to a great obstacle in your path. Doubt is:

  • To waver in opinion or judgment;
  • To suspect; to fear; to be apprehensive
  • To hesitate before acting
  • To question the likelihood of a particular outcome

Now doubt isn’t always bad. In fact, doubt can be a healthy thing.

When is Doubt Good?

  • When you’re offered short cuts of panaceas (cure-alls), by snake oil salesmen. (Or infomercial salesmen. Or Internet scam salesmen.)
  • When someone questions your ability to achieve your dreams.
  • When you are evaluating what worked for someone, as to whether it will work for you.

But doubt is particularly bad, when

…applied to your belief in your own ability and likelihood to escape the rat race.

  • Maybe lack of experience is causing us to doubt our success.
  • Maybe it’s past failures.
  • It could be fear of the unknown.
  • Or even a pessimistic world view.

Fear: False Emotions Appearing Real.

The result of doubt is a paralysis.

Neither going forward, nor moving backward.

Often, I myself have doubted that particular actions were getting me to my next Rat Race Escape milestone. Even though I knew that these particular actions had helped others succeed.

It was as if I doubted in MY ability to make these tactics work. Despite the fact that they worked for others.

How to slay a Dragon Called Doubt

In order to defeat this kind of doubt, we need to stand on a firm belief in OUR ability to succeed. Others did escape the Rat Race. In fact, people less intelligent, less creative, less hardworking, and less fortunate than you and I, escape the rat race every day.

Your past failures do not guarantee future failure. In fact, those past failures bring us CLOSER to future success. But only if we harness them. If we take the time to extract and document the lessons learned from the failures.

Always remember this:

You want to Escape the Rat Race, but have doubts...











In order to conquer doubt, build your confidence.In order to build your confidence, gain experience. In order to gain experience, take action! And expect that failure will often come. When failure comes, brush the dirt off your shoulder. Learn your lessons. And then try again. Repeat.

Do this, and you will slay the Dragon called Doubt in no time. The 7 dragons of derailment are:

  1. The 3-Headed Dragon
  2. A Dragon called Doubt
  3. Sandstorm the Dragon
  4. The Infant Dragon
  5. Atlas the Dragon
  6. The Broke Dragon
  7. The Abyss Dragon