You want to sell your gold teeth?

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It might not occur to you to sell gold teeth, fillings, crowns or bridges, but they are just as welcome in the melting pot as any gold jewelry. In fact, dental gold is approximately 15 karat, so you can see that it’s even more valuable than the standard 14kt. In years gone by, gold teeth were rather common and are still utilized today in dental work, although requesting this precious metal over amalgam fillings will cost quite a bit more.

That is, if you can find a Dentist that will work with it. Dental gold is not used in its pure form, but contains an an alloy of 75% gold, as well as copper, silver, palladium, platinum and zinc. Gold is extremely durable; fairly aesthetic, does not damage the opposing tooth, and is well tolerated by the gums.

You want to sell your gold teeth?

A well-done gold filling can last two to four times longer than any other dental material, and might be considered the “gold standard” for dental fillings. Without getting too far off the beaten track, suffice it to say, gold teeth, crowns or fillings should go into the scrap pile.