Your aspergers syndrome toddler

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Your aspergers syndrome toddler may already exhibit some signs of aspergers and you may already be aware that something seems different.

Your aspergers syndrome toddler will probably start to speak at around two, the normal age for speech. Walking may be delayed as also other motor development such as using a fork and spoon, riding a bike or throwing and catching a ball.

Perhaps your toddler reacts badly to smells, or wearing clothes. My daughter preferred to wear no clothes if she could get away with it, we soon realised that loose elasticated clothing was the way to go. Getting her to wear socks and pants was a nightmare (yes I know this can be the norm for some ‘normal’ children) in the end we came to an agreement with her that she could go without them in the house but had to wear them to go out. Even then to prevent a tantrum they had to go on as we were leaving the house (yes, I’m embarrassed to admit, we did forget once or twice and learnt to keep a spare pair in the car). The socks had to be worn inside out to prevent the seams rubbing and had to be pulled up to a certain height only.

Your aspergers syndrome toddler

You may notice that your aspergers syndrome toddler does not play with other children, however this is the norm for all children as they do not play together until around three or four, but will play alongside each other.

Picky eating may be a problem with smells and colors and textures causing difficulty for your aspergers syndrome toddler.(again this can be a normal behaviour with this age group). It is worth persevering so that the food range that your child will tolerate does not become too small. I know of a child who will only eat chocolate and bread and I know another who will only eat breakfast cereals.

My daughter is obsessive about food and is not picky but wants to eat all the time, she has however been known to not eat a breakfast or a packed lunch as she has taken a sudden dislike to a particular food. We had to put locks on the fridge and food cupboard to stop her eating constantly.

Our daughter had little imaginative play and what she did have was very repetitive. One of her favourite occupations was paging through catalogues, other children may have obsessions over particular toys and only play with those for instance: Thomas The Tank Engine. I know of another child who loved to play with electrical wires, his mum encouraged him to use string instead of live wire and he used to twist it around chairs for hours on end. Lining toys up appears to be another favourite occupation, this may be the calming of the same repetitive actions.

From our experience keeping noise levels low and calm(not easy in a house with four children, a dog, a parrot and rats) reaps dividends.

You may find that your aspergers syndrome toddler becomes easily distressed or angry. We have found that our daughter reacts best to visual instructions rather than confusing her with a lot of verbal information. So we now use a picture exchange communication system which cuts down the verbal commands and information that we need to give. We have noticed now that when our daughter is stressed her understanding deteriorates and using this system has helped considerably.

There are many techniques that can be used before diagnosis that you can put together yourself that will be discussed within this website.